Roof-Mounted Air-Conditioning Systems

A workplace with good air-conditioning enhances concentration and increases safety. Webasto rooftop air-conditioning solutions are as efficient as they are compact.   Customised options are available and the units are simple to retrofit.  The rooftop air-conditioner can also be painted in the colour of the vehicle by your chosen bodybuilder/vehicle converter

Air-conditioning systems: Compact Cooler

The optimum retrofitting solution for air-Conditioning. The Compact Cooler Series is a space-saving, retrofittable roof-top air-conditioning system for cooling the driver’s cabin and passenger compartment of all vehicles with cabin volumes up to 10 m³. 

The Compact Cooler 4 E represents an independent solution with integrated electric motor which drives the system’s own compressor with the help of a V-belt. Thus, it only needs to be connected to the vehicle battery. The Compact Cooler 5 Lite is conceived for integration in the primary cooling circuit of the vehicle and it distinguishes itself through an especially compact structure, which was implemented by avoiding the condenser including fan. Additional compressors are preferably installed in the vehicle for the Compact Cooler 5 and 8. This guarantees the full system capacity at all times, and an independent operation of the primary cooling circuit of the vehicle is also possible. E-Unit means the electric motor / compressor unit installed on a robust metal frame including plastic housing. The electric motor drives the compressor over a belt. For example, the Compact Cooler 5 can be switched simultaneously with the E-Unit.

Thanks to the robust structure and the use of latest technologies, the Compact Coolers fulfil all common quality requirements of the vehicle manufacturer and correspond to the current EU directives. Essential characteristics of the robust design are the basic metal frame and the existing refrigerant circuit made fully of aluminium. The customer profits from an increased life span and reliability as well as from reduced maintenance expenditure.

Product benefits
  • High cooling performance with extremely compact design
  • Easy mounting
  • Robust metal base frame
  • Reduction of weight due to the complete aluminium cooling circuit Low-maintenance and service
  • World-wide service network